Humanity hasn't dealt with a pandemic for more than a century.


I didn't experience the pandemic either. 


I believe that if we support each other, spread kindness  and stay aware about each other needs, we will be better off. 


I offer assistance for  TEENAGERS and YOUNG ADULTS at no cost

to counter the harmful effects of the pandemic. 

If you are: 

  • Youth or Young Adult who lost sense of direction 

  • Struggling to coop and adapt

  •  Experiencing stres, anxiety, uncertainty due to epidemic and would benefit from another human being presence


Then this is the place where you can safely talk about your situation and work your way out to the place you want to be.  


Free of charge, profesional coaching conversation in respectful, safe environment of online meeting. 

Note: the offered assistance is limited to a max of three sessions, lasting from 30 to 50 min. I will provide my services at no cost during January, February until March 2021, depending on my working calendar capacity. Current events can influence and change my plans and my offer. 

I invite you to call, book online or write me and email. I am not going ... anywhere. 



If you are in therapy or receiving other type of psychological/psychiatric treatment, please get in touch with your support as soon as possible.