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Transition to Work 

How will I manage it all? 

Will I be able to balance everything? 

How will I do it? ​

Do you ask yourself these questions? Do you consider going back to work, or are you planning a new career?

If you feel overwhelmed juggling maternity responsibilities and planning your future, you might find it beneficial to work with a professional coach. 


I invite you to check out if coaching would be suitable for you and helpful during this exciting transition.


I have designed a Complimentary Session to discuss your needs, and what you can expect from a coaching relationship.  



into motherhood 

How I am going to manage everything on my plate AND a baby? 

Will I be able to cope with the change? 

How will I do it? 

As soon as you get used to being at home with your baby, you might realize your maternity leave is almost up, and you will soon have to figure out the whole work-life balance thing – perhaps with little or no experience on how to do this.


The transition to motherhood is a huge one, full of conflicting emotions and expectations. It's a psychological minefield, where relationship with partners and children are re-evaluated and career expectations altered. And that's before you even consider all practical and physical issues of adding a wholly dependent small person to your life. 

I know what I am talking about -- I am a working mother who went through a difficult transition.  It was tough but it helped me grow. 

If you’d like to prepare for the transition to working motherhood, or explore what will work best for you and your growing family, try having a coach.  

I have designed a Complimentary Session to discuss your needs and what you can expect from a coaching relationship.

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