Youth Coaching

Want to make this year your BEST year yet?

Having difficulty with peers, parents, achieving a goal, figuring out a career path, or believing in yourself?

Or simply, want to gain some strategies to help you go from good too GREAT?

Call and discuss with your Coach. Bring your questions, concerns, or curiosity. 

Coaching Outcome: 

  • Learn new strategies to make sustainable changes. 

  • The variety of self-discovery activities assist you to invite conscious change in life with ease, confidence and satisfaction. You will experience multiple ways to tap into your inner wisdom, guidance, power and passion and translate this excavation into desired forward action.

  • Explore and generate vision and unique purpose statement for your life

  • Clarify personal values and apply this to align your choices and actions

  • Identify guiding principles and beliefs that fuel decisions for a meaningful life

  • Construct inspiring intentions for life that powerfully focus your attention

  • Learn the secret to living a vital, thriving, passionate life

  • Create a holistic, life-long tool for self-empowerment

  • Improve your overall level of happiness and satisfaction

- ideal for teens and young adults age 16-26

- regular weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly calls

- calls are 30 or 60 min in length


Tamara Wichniewicz 

from Victoria, British Columbia ​

Tel: 1.778.967.3512 

skype: tamara.wichniewicz

Whatsapp: 1.778.967.3512

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