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Special service Session 
This free session is designed for people who are affected by PANDEMIC.

If you are: 

  •  medical personnel 

  •  first responders and social services workers 

  •  a person under quarantinne

  •  a person that lost job due to lockdown

  •  a person experiencing stres, anxiety, uncertainty due to epidemic and would benefit from        another human being presence. 


Then this is the place where you can safely talk about your situation and work your way out to place you want to be.

Also the single session is ideal for the client who has one, clear, targeted issue to address, and who can implement behaviour and thought change independently without support. 
For single session I use an organic approach to coaching, focusing on the issue or concern presented by the client.  

start here by choosing the time slot

Online scheduler steps: 
  • 1. Choose date and time 
  • 2. Follow the given instruction to register your account 
  • 3. Confirm your appointment details 
  • 4. You will receive confirmation instantly 
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